Individual Tax Returns

At ELS Business Services, we have extensive experience preparing individual income tax returns from the simplest of returns to the very complex. We provide advice on and prepare returns that include:

* Business Income

* Rental Property Income

* Dividend Income

* Investment Income such as Interest & Managed Funds

* Distributions from Partnerships & Trusts

* Capital Gains

* Foreign Source Income

* Motor Vehicle Deductions & Log Books

* Work Related Expenses

* Self Education Expenses


Did you know that as a Chartered Accountant, Erin is required to meet minimum annual training & development requirements? This means she is always up to date with the latest legislative changes and passes this information on to her clients to ensure they are claiming all they are entitled to and meeting their obligations. For example:

* 2015 is the last financial year in which you can claim the medical expense rebate, but only if you claimed it in 2014

* For the 2015 financial year, the medicare levy has increased to 2%.

* The $20,000 immediate asset write off announced in the May 2015 federal budget applies to all small businesses including sole traders, companies, partnerships & trusts. The immediate deduction applies to assets purchased after 12 May 2015

* From 1 July 2015, there are only 2 methods available to calculate your motor vehicle expense deduction; the cents-per-km method and the log book method. If you have previously used a different method get in touch to discuss your options for the 2016 financial year

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